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As one of the leading nurse recruiters in the U.S., Nurse Hustle Recruitment offers personalized staffing solutions and job recommendations tailored to your company’s needs or your skills and preferences. Our schedulers come from a healthcare background, advocating for healthcare organizations and professionals to find talents and careers that suit their needs.

We provide temporary and permanent nurse staffing services, helping facilities cope with the growing shortage of nurses. We also help job seekers find high-paying and most-rewarding careers in the healthcare settings they prefer.

We offer:

Staffing and Recruitment

Permanent Placement

Contract Assignments

Per diem Daily Shifts

We guarantee to find nurses with the right experiences for the job preference, handpicking and matching the most qualified candidates with the most compatible facilities. For the qualified candidate, we will also help you choose from several nursing job opportunities, depending on your specialization and choice of locations.

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