Welcome Sales Ambassadors

Become a Nurse Hustle Sales Ambassador!

We are excited to share the Nurse Hustle Business with you as a Sales Ambassador! We have developed an attractive “Side Hustle” for people that can help the Nurse Hustle Brand grow, while lining their pockets!

Please complete the application to start with us! Below are the 2022 Commission Rates. This position will require the following:

  • Orientation on Nurse Hustle and our Commission Program
  • Bi-Weekly Virtual Meetings and Reporting
  • The use of approved marketing materials 
  • Co-Branding on company websites and social media
Benefits of becoming a Nurse Hustle Sales Ambassador include:
  • Commission Payouts up to $500 per Hospital Facility Contract with a signed Nurse/CNA, etc. **
  • Retention Bonus Sales Ambassadors can earn up to 3% of total income from their referral contracts per previous year!

** Detailed Commission Payouts will be shared during orientation or Ambassador Meeting.


Nurse Hustle Sales Ambassador Registration
Please complete this form to register to become a Sales Ambassador with Nurse Hustle. Once approved we will send you an agreement to sign and start with us! We look forward to working with you!
We need ambassadors that already have an affiliation with one of the above type of facilities or programs.
Please ensure that your PayPal address is correct, this will be one method of payment transaction.