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Nurse Hustle Recruitment™ is committed to increasing the pipeline of healthcare staff with quality and compassionate nurses. As a school owner, you do your part every day, training the next wave of health professionals that will become our future nurses and/or providers; and for that, we applaud you!

As you are aware, the healthcare world can be challenging and demanding, and it’s imperative to team together to help students develop a strong foundation in mental toughness, emotional intelligence, while helping them discover their true autonomy.

This is where we can help! This is an official invitation to meet with CEO Latasha Harris, RN for a virtual or live meeting to discuss a mutual partnership with Nurse Hustle Recruitment™. We believe we can share resources that can benefit each other and help you do what you do best; building nurses who understand the stamina it takes to be a true Nurse Hustle, hence, preparing the next recruit for our agency.

Complete the form to be scheduled for a meeting to talk about the future of Nursing. We look forward to meeting with you! 

School Partnership with Nurse Hustle
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